Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a video telecommunication service that uses devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services. This is done through a remote or offsite interpreter, in order to communicate with persons with whom there is a communication barrier. It is similar to a slightly different technology called video relay service, where the parties are each located in different places. VRI is a type of telecommunications relay service (TRS) that is not regulated by the FCC. (Cited from


Friends Interpreting Services is now offering video remote interpreting (VRI). VRI is a on demand service that we provide our clients that allows you to connect to our trusted professional interpreters through a video session. Friends Interpreting Services’ VRI platform does not require any equipment to be purchased or software to download.

Professional Interpreter Network is a growing resource pool of accredited professional interpreters with experience in over 200+ languages. It is a growing network that exists to ensure access to the best global availability and scalability for any interpretation agency of any size. Presently our VRI qualified interpreters support the top 25 global languages.

Every interpreter available in this network has been individually vetted by our interpreter cloud partners to ensure that whenever you enable access to this network you do so with the confidence that the interpreter you connect your clients with has been admitted to the network via a thorough and detailed recruitment process. Each interpreter is pre-screened and validated with background checks to review their language proficiency, education, work experience and professional certifications and associations.

Over the Telephone interpreting (OPI) professionals and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) professionals in the Professional Interpreter Network are further vetted for technology readiness and are given additional training for each modality including competency in the use of Boostlingo technology for the support of both OPI and VRI. Interpreters are also instructed in VRI protocol in terms of conducting calls in a secure and private location with appropriate background environment and professional attire.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the newest and most advanced technology using a sign language interpreter.

Using VRI is the preferred interpreting method in the following settings:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal or Court
  • Employment
Advantages of VRI: What you need:
Save money and time 1. Computer Device (PC or MAC) with Webcam
100% effective of communication 2. High Speed  (ISP  (Internet provider)
Fast and Easy to use 3. Router
100% Certified interpreters 4. Modem
Cost Effective and save money! 5. PIN (Password to network and computer)



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